Last night, the DC Metro Office had their first softball game of the season and the ProSOX came out hard.  Attendance was strong as Managing Director, Gary “G$” Callaghan, and Associate Director, Bob “H@cker” Blakley, were both present at Ossian Hall Park ready to go with their game-face on. Even the new team mascot, Murphy, Beth Boyle’s adorable yellow lab made it out to the stadium to see the ProSOX season opener. Strong efforts were seen by Jay Feinman who hit a home-run and Keenan Lofton who carried the team in the outfield. Dubbed as “MVI” (Most Valuable Intern), Theo Daubresse, also had a solid showing last night as he drove in some runs and even dove to catch a foul ball! In an effort to avoid any embarrassment, I will not disclose whether or not that ball was actually caught…
Intern, Meredith Johnson, was interviewed after the game and quotes, “Unfortunately, we lost, but we were definitely the better dressed team.” And of course, we all know this is what truly matters!  The team has a promising season ahead of them and they are looking forward to their next game on Tuesday, July 15th. GO PROSOX!      
 DC Metro Interns at the Game

A special thank-you to Meredith Johnson for the full-game recap!

– Cait 

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