This week was an exciting week for our 2014 Intern Class as they finally made their way to their local offices! I’m thrilled to see the Intern’s settling in and happy to have received some awesome feedback about their week thus far. Last night, the Boston, DC Metro and Philadelphia offices all celebrated the arrival of the Interns with opening events which looked to be so much fun! So much fun in fact, that I have been brought to a whole new level of FOMO (fear of missing out)! 

Let’s start up in Boston! The Boston Interns enjoyed Happy Hour at Tia’s on Thursday evening where they were able to network with their local office. As the group grew larger, a musical chair-like rotation seemed to occur which helped the Interns to meet different people! Intern, Jin Lee, quotes ““Everyone in the Boston office is always full of energy, even after 8 hours of work! I love how close everyone in the office is, which helps me to ‘blend in’ and become a part of the team. We went to a place called Tia’s for happy hour and I had a blast eating and talking with everyone.” Intern, Juliana Bahring, stated It was really nice to have the opportunity to meet everyone from the office in a social setting, and not just the people who I’ve been working closely with!” I think it’s safe to say that Boston enjoyed their opening event!

Further down South, the DC Metro Interns enjoyed at “Meet n’ Greet” Happy Hour at Coastal Flats on Thursday evening where I hear the food was just DE-licious. Intern, Grace Brassell, told me “last night was a blast! I met a lot of awesome people from the DC Office including MD George Brown”.  MD Gary Callaghan also joined the festivities on Thursday evening along with a great showing from the practice!

Last stop: Philadelphia! The Philadelphia Interns and 15 members of the practice headed over to Lucky Strike to test out their bowling skills. Intern Jacklin Altman recapped the evening to me stating that she had a “great time with great coworkers” and mentioned that although she was off to a rough start in her lane, her advisor, Maeve Raak, was a huge positive presence cheering her on!  However, despite Maeve’s optimistic spirit, I hear it was Team Wilkes that came out with the “W”. Way to go Team Wilkes!

All 7 of the Philadelphia Interns at Lucky Strike!

A special thanks to all those who were able to attend the opening events for the Interns this week across the nation! We have an amazing class this year and we’re excited for you all to continue to get to know the Interns.

         – Cait

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