Last night, the New York Office had their first Intern event at Escape the Room NYC, where video game meets real life fun! Escape the Room locks people behind a closed door for 60 minutes and asks them to find a way out. There are puzzles to solve and codes to crack in order to get the key that lets you out. They found themselves racing against the clock, trying to decipher clues necessary to reveal the combination for a lock; which opens a chest holding more clues that leads to a mystery, within a mystery, within another mystery… The door is opened after an hour if the players can’t solve their way out, but our interns last night were able to successfully use their logical thinking skills and put the puzzle pieces together!


We had six teams for this event, including interns and full-time consultants, participating in three unique rooms. Unfortunately, two out of the six teams didn’t get out before their time ran out, but despite a 20% escape rate, the other four beat the game! Intern Timothy Bonk quoted this event as being “very stimulating and challenging,” while fellow intern Anna Furbish said it “definitely exceeded her expectations, as she was challenged, but had an amazing time with her fellow Protiviti peers.” After, interns celebrated their victory (or their fellow peers’), and the excitement was almost palpable. It was a very fun evening, and they wish they could do it all over again! It was a great day to be a Protiviti Intern.

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