We may not be at Disney anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have one final Live from Disney update! This past week was a whirlwind of new friends, group activities, snack breaks, tons of laughter, educational discussions, inspirational presentations, and overall just a good time. 

With over 150 new interns from the West to the East Coast and covering the Central Region in between, we all met together in sunny Orlando for 6 days and 5 nights of what is known as the most coveted week of the year. As a first time TIC participant myself, I had high expectations. Every single one of those expectations was either met or surpassed. Protiviti not only hires some of the best facilitators but the best interns as well, and it is obvious once you’re around this large group of differing yet similar personalities. 

Whether you have a D, i, S, or C profile (google DiSC Assessment), you learn how to work with each other and respect the varying qualities. Protiviti is about teamwork, and if there’s one thing that you come away with after this week, it should be that we can all come together to better ourselves, each other, and the work that we are learning to do so well here!

Intern Class of 2014

We’ve officially ended The Intern Challenge of 2014 and I could not be more excited, exhausted, and enthusiastic about the coming up summer. With this, I wrap up our Live from Disney updates, but don’t forget to check back for more blogs that focus on our summer office activities. After all, it may be the end of The Intern Challenge but it’s still the beginning of the internship. Over and out. 


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