As we are almost a month away (yes, we are counting) from one of the most anticipated weeks of the year, The Intern Challenge, we would like to celebrate one of our very own TIC supporters, Carol Beaumier. She has been recognized in Consulting magazine’s Top 25 Consultants list in the Leadership category. As Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning, it only furthers our support behind her in being one of Protiviti’s fearless leaders.
Carol not only helps lead Protiviti but she has been a constant supporter of The Intern Challenge. She will be attending her 5thIntern Challenge this year to impart wisdom to our new 2014 interns. In her blog, Carol mentions being “energized by [the interns’] enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new things” and credits our interns to opening her eyes to social issues. As she states, “The learning is far from one-sided.” We are certainly excited to hear what Carol has to teach us this year!
If that isn’t enough to make you excited, last year her team won the annual Salsa Competition. So I’m sure she’s looking forward to defending her title this summer!

Carol and her winning team of interns at The Intern Challenge 2013.

Congratulations Carol!

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