It’s that time of year again…A recruiter’s favorite time of the year…Campus Recruiting season!  While many students on campus are getting geared up for their spring semester, here at Protiviti we are anxiously awaiting the variety of opportunities to meet and network with students on campuses all across the nation.  We recommend that students prepare themselves before they meet with employers at student organization presentations, campus-wide career fairs, and other recruitment events.  

1.       Bring a Resume –Even if the event is more casual, it never hurts to come prepared with a few copies of your resume. The company may be collecting them, and it allows you to make connection with someone.  Make sure to swing by your career center and ask them about opportunities to have your resume critiqued beforehand.  They can help you with everything from formatting, to choosing content, and making sure your resume stands out in the crowd!

2.       Ask Questions – The general ones are great, like “day in the life”, etc., but if you have a few companies you are particularly interested in, do some research!  There may be something in the news regarding their company, or something more specific about a practice they have that you can dig into, and those unique questions will show your interest in the firm.

3.       Dress to Impress – Sometimes recruiting events only allow for a few minutes of face time with employers.  Make sure to dress and act professionally so that you leave them with a lasting impression!

4.       Ask for a Card – and use it!  Follow up with recruiters and other representatives after the event.  While we do our very best to remember every face we meet, it is always nice to have a quick reminder of the conversation we had with you and also reinforces your interest in the company!

5.       Be yourself – These events can be a bit overwhelming, but it is important to try to let your personality shine through!  You want to end up at a company that is a fit for who you are, and vice versa, so let us know a little about what is important to you! 

To all those heading out to campus recruiting events over the next few months, good luck!  We hope to see you at a Protiviti event soon!

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