In honor of today’s U.S. Veterans Day holiday, we would like to recognize and honor all of the brave men and women of the U.S.armed fores who have served our country and are serving today on behalf of our nation.  We would also like to pay tribute to Protiviti’s veterans, and to our families with veterans.

We have many colleagues who have a military background or family connection.  We have taken a moment to have a few of our very own hero’s and family members to share about their commitment to our country.

Tanya Trout

 Associate Director, Dallas

I have been with Protiviti since its start in 2002. Prior to Protiviti, I was a Signal Corps Officer in the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas, and I continue to serve in the Texas Army National Guard. Protiviti has provided a natural fit for me to be able use the leadership, network operations management, and technical skills I received in the military and leverage these skills to provide project management and business process improvement support to clients. While maintaining my dual role has sometimes been challenging, it has allowed me to receive additional network operations and leadership training while gaining valuable on-the-job experiences during my two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I was recently selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel and continues to serve as the G6, Assistant Chief of Staff – Signal, for the 36th Infantry Division.  

Curtis Jerzak
Senior Consultant, Minneapolis
I have been a member of the Minnesota Army National Guard for 14+ years. I’m currently a Captain managing the supply, maintenance, and ammunition functions for the 1st Battalion, 151st Field Artillery consisting of 600 Soldiers. The 1-151 FA Battalion has twelve M777 Howitzers, which fires rounds with a base of 155mm up to 30KM in distance. My next duty position will be a Battery Commander for a firing battery of 80 soldiers. I was deployed for State Active Duty in support of flood fights in April 2001 and July 2011. I also served two tours in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM; the first a 15-month deployment in 2004-05, and the second a 12-month deployment in 2009-10. After returning from the second deployment in 2010, I earned my Master of Accountancy degree from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in May 2011 and started with Protiviti in July 2011. From my military training, time management and working under pressure has prepared me to be successful as a consultant for Protiviti.

Vince Dasta
Manager, Chicago
I graduated from Iowa State University in 2004 and earned a commission as an Ensign in the United States Navy through the NROTC program. As LT Dasta, my first assignment was as the Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer and Boarding Officer aboard the guided missile frigate USS ELROD (FFG-55) stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. While serving aboard USS ELROD I was deployed in support of Operation Active Endeavor in 2006 to combat piracy off the coast of Africa as well as various other missions in support of U.S. and NATO forces in the Mediterranean and Black Sea. After a successful tour aboard USS ELROD I transitioned to the Navy’s Expeditionary Combat Command and served as a platoon commander with RIVERINE SQUADRON THREE. During Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2008, I lead a detachment in direct support of Multi-National Forces Iraq and conducted over 100 combat patrols on the Euphrates River in Fallujah, Ramadi and throughout Al Anbar Province and was instrumental in securing the inland waterways for the people of Iraq. After transitioning to the civilian world I have been able to leverage many of the skills I acquired in the military such as the ability to quickly adapt to changing environments, leading a dynamic team, and managing mission critical programs and projects.

Anne Fejes (Fiancé is Serving)
Manager, Seattle
My fiancé, Norman Meckling, is an active service member in the United States Army. He is currently stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord with the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. He has served on six deployments, one tour in Iraq and five tours in Afghanistan. He is a graduate of Army Ranger School, Airborne School, Pathfinder School, and Jumpmaster School, amongst others. During Norm’s regular deployments, work keeps me plenty busy so time passes by somewhat quickly. The biggest challenge we face during his deployments is taking care of our Siberian Husky, Bullet, who usually lives at Norm’s place while state-side, but lives with me when Norm’s away. When I’m on projects with out-of-town travel, I spend a lot of money on overnight boarding, but Bullet’s worth it!  With Protiviti’s presence across the world, if Norm’s career ever requires relocation, it’s great that it is more than likely that a Protiviti office will be nearby for me.

Jason Riddle
Senior Manager, Pittsburgh

I had the privilege to spend four years as an active duty Army officer leading IT teams in the field. During this time, I was responsible for establishing voice and data networks and supporting U.S. and international military units across Iraq. During my tenure with the military, I had the opportunity to learn who I was as an individual. The military reassured me of the fact that I loved a challenge, working with people, and tackling obstacles head on. Consulting allowed me to continue doing what I loved in the military, which was a main reason I chose to be a leader in Protiviti. Reflecting back on my career, I’ve been able to draw several parallels. Rather than consulting senior officers on communication practices and conducting risk assessments ensuring my teams reach Iraqi cities safely, I’m helping senior business leaders implement IT best practices and risk mitigation strategies. I appreciate the support Protiviti has provided our veterans over the years as well as the dedication and sacrifice our troops have made in keeping our country safe.

Tony Samer
Managing Director, San Francisco

I had the pleasure of serving for ten years as a U.S. Naval Aviator. I spent most of that time flying P-3 Orions out of places like Iceland, Sicily and Puerto Rico and as an instructor pilot in the Navy’s jet trainer, the T-45 Goshawk. Despite having made a decision to leave military service after ten years, I can honestly say I truly appreciated the opportunity to serve my country and do so in way that I found incredibly challenging and rewarding. Given the chance, I’d do it all the same way again, not least of all because of the valuable life and career lessons my service offered. I have no doubt that the experience I gained leading aircrews and departments, making critical decisions with imperfect information, and dealing with the unexpected at such an early stage in my career has paid dividends many times over. Perhaps most importantly, my service during relatively peaceful times and not exactly on the pointy edge of the spear firmly rooted my appreciation for our colleagues and the millions of other men and women who have in fact put their lives on the line in service to our country.

Thank you for your service!

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