Today was the last day of the internship for many of our interns.  It’s seems like it was just yesterday when I was blogging about how I couldn’t wait for the internship program (Can’t Wait for the Internship Program!) and now the last day is here!  Although I couldn’t physically be in the office today to bid our LA interns farewell, I couldn’t help but to reminisce about our awesome summer with all of our interns!

Like I mentioned before, the interns definitely brought up our energy level, which I think really helps us as we are heading into a little bit busier of a period.  Now we can cherish and appreciate all of our wonderful memories of The Intern Challenge, office intern events, and the opportunity we had to watch our interns learn and grow!

Protiviti Interns – we miss you already!  We hope you had a fun and productive summer with us.  Best of luck as you head back to school for your final year!  You have all done a great job on all of your projects and have impressed us with your wealth of knowledge and ability to learn so much in a short period.  You have all certainly left us fully inspired!

– Tu

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