Tonight marks the eve of Protiviti’s first Consulting Challenge training, which kicks off tomorrow in Phoenix, AZ.  This new training program is targeted specifically for our entry level hires, many of whom recently graduated and will be starting their first professional employment experience with Protiviti!
One of the first tasks for our new hires will be to upload a work-appropriate picture to their profiles on our internal knowledge-sharing site.  This will help our team members to put a face to the name for each of our new employees and to welcome them into the Protiviti community.
In our experience as campus recruiters, we have found that it can be difficult at times for our campus hires to interpret the meaning of “work-appropriate.”  To assist them and our broader student audience in learning this important term, we are providing some examples of what to do (and what not to do) when selecting a work-appropriate picture.
Exhibit A – Do not accidentally take a pants shot.
Exhibit B – Do not make a funny face.
Exhibit C – C is for clothing; adhere to the dress code (ours does not allow sleeveless shirts).
Exhibit D – A profile picture seated in a chair with a ridiculously tall back is not recommended.  (P.S., polka dotted denim most definitely not in the dress code).
Exhibit E – School spirit is encouraged, but not in a work-appropriate profile picture.  And sidenote, your work-appropriate profile picture should not include a friend.
Exhibit F – As in Finally! A work-appropriate picture!  Thanks to Casey Jo for showing us how it’s done.
Keep these tips in mind as you get started creating your professional identity, and you will be off to a good start!  We look forward to seeing all of our new hires and their smiling work-appropriate faces tomorrow.

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