Campus Recruiting Team
Back Row (Left to Right):  Charlotte, Kiristen, Elaine, Jillian, Brennan, Casey Jo, and Kristen
Front Row (Left to Right):  Tu, Bridget, Brittany, Katelyn, and Jill

Today our U.S. Campus Recruiting Team is sporting our summer theme on our t-shirts.  We are all here to make sure that we “INform, INspire and INtegrate” our interns over the course of the summer.  We have 112 Interns present in Orlando from top tier Universities.  We are excited about finding out what the rest of the week here at Disney World has in store, but even more excited about the interns returning to their local offices and going out on client assignment in 24 major metropolitan cities.

Next up, we will be competing to figure out who will be the 2013 Sultan of Sauce.
-Casey Jo

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