Happy Intern Eve to one and all!  
At Protiviti, we talk a lot about inspiration.  It is actually the key concept in our recruiting tagline: “What Inspires You Inspires Us.”  
The idea behind this is that we believe that people who build careers with Protiviti draw inspiration from within the organization as well as from their personal lives and the community.  All of this inspiration feeds into the success that we have achieved together in the last 11 years.  We want to provide relationships and work experiences that inspire our people; innovative solutions that inspire our clients; and we want to be inspired every day by the world around us.
But getting back to the moment in question – today is Intern Eve!  The 2013 Intern Program kicks off bright and early tomorrow, with interns attending orientation in offices across the country.  Each year I am amazed by the way that our team rallies together around the intern program.  Everywhere I look, I find examples of this:

  • Our company leaders doing everything they can to be involved, from the entire executive team (including our CEO) attending The Intern Challenge next week, to local office leadership participating as executive advisors to our interns throughout the summer.
  • Our management team partnering with talent management to ensure meaningful client work for each and every intern across our solutions and offices.
  • Our Intern Challenge facilitation team devoting an entire week to setting our interns up for success, flying to Orlando from client locations around the world (literally – one gets in on an intercontinental flight and goes straight to the training session).
  • Our campus recruiters – you know who they are – working for months to put together a best-in-class program, integrating all aspects of a quality experience, taking into account best practices and feedback from campuses across the U.S.

All the activity creates a buzz at this time of year, an energy that is unmistakable – and it culminates on a day like today.
So what inspires YOU?  Well, hopefully the internship — because it sure inspires us.
Best of luck to our 2013 Intern Class and to all the interns putting themselves out there this summer!

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