It has been just about a month since my first day at Protiviti and I’ve had quite an exciting recruiting kickoff as the Chicago Office Campus Recruiter! In celebration of my first month, I’ve compiled a random assortment of things I’ve learned over the last 4 weeks.

1.       Acronyms – And lots of them!  ITA, ITC, PSS, IAFA, MD, AD, and R&C top the list of some of the most common jargon heard around the Protiviti office.

2.       How to “Sink the Biz”- I had the chance to spend some time with our Indiana University 2013 campus hires while at IU for a recruiting event. We spent the evening eating pizza at a local hangout called Nick’s, where they coached me through my first game of “Sink the Biz”, a Bloomington specialty.  Already looking forward to returning to IU in the fall!

3.       Texans love their football – I also had an opportunity to take tour of some campuses in Texas, where I learned just how passionate Texans are about their football teams.  Take Texas A&M’s Kyle Field, for example…until this year no building in the city could, by law, be taller than the home of the Aggies.  It also seats about 20K more fans than Soldier Field, where the Chicago Bears play.  Now that’s some dedication!  The picture below is of me standing outside the stadium in awe of the size.

4.       Social Media is a great way to keep up with all things Protiviti – And if you are reading this blog you probably already know that, but take some time to check out our presence on other social media websites to learn more.  And it doesn’t stop with recruiting efforts– Protiviti even has an internal Social Media outlet called Chatter that the team uses to stay in touch on an informal basis during the work week!

5.       A job at Protiviti is more than just work – In the Chicago office, an employee can find an assortment of ways to get involved outside of the everyday grind.  Sports teams, green initiatives and community involvement and just a few of the things I’ve already seen going on in the last few weeks!

This first month has truly flown by.  Next up for the Campus Recruiting team is planning for the 2013 summer intern program.  Be sure to visit this blog for updates about the program along the way!


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