Well I’m spending some quality time in the Houston airport today, due to a flight delay, and Casey Jo pointed out the excellent opportunity this provides for a quick post.  I have been instructed to share my makeshift workspace (above, in all its glory) and comment on the importance of being flexible in our line of work.

What I really want to talk about is this article: Auditing Social Media Risks For Financial Institutions.  It was posted recently in the FSA Times and then to our internal social networking site, and I was so excited to see that it was written by three campus hires.  Not only is it well written and relevant to a hot topic in the media, but to me it also highlights the impact that a professional can make beyond his or her day-to-day responsibilities. 

Even as you start down your career path, know that it’s never too early to take an active interest in research and thought leadership, both within your company and across your broader professional community.  The best strategy for success that I have found is to never stop learning — and also to make every moment count, including the time spent hanging around at IAH…


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  1. Great point. Social Media risks is one of the top risks today. Imagine someone breaching the Twitter account of JP Morgan and tweeting something crazy. That'll definitely hurt business.

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