San Francisco Office Participants:  Consultant Kyle, Consultant Rikinder, Consultant Bobbi, Associate Director Sundar, Consultant Brandon, Senior Consultant Stacy, and Consultant Ryan

The San Francisco office held a presentation by Upwardly Global, a locally based organization which works to eliminate the cultural barriers of skilled immigrants and refugees who have moved to the United States. Protiviti employees heard from presenters who have helped in providing these immigrants and refugees with training, individual coaching and guidance in acclimating to the professional expectations of US culture. Personal accounts were also given by immigrants from Bulgaria and Russia who have found success in the program and explained the meaningfulness the organization has brought to their lives and the lives of their families.

The organization targets educated immigrants and refugees who, although often times highly educated and highly competent within their respective fields, are in need of assistance in acclimating their job skills to American culture. Communicational boundaries, job search guidance and employment expectations are but a few of the many factors which Upwardly Global volunteers have helped these immigrants and refugees develop. The organization’s goal is to match these qualified candidates from cultures around the globe with jobs and professions which fit their high personal achievements and skill sets.

Volunteers spoke of the personal satisfaction that Upwardly Global has been brought to their lives by the knowledge that their assistance has made a significant impact of the lives of these immigrants and refugees. On the other side of the coin, immigrants attested to the prosperity and happiness the organization has brought to their families and how their successful transition into United States cultural may not have been possible without the help of Upwardly Global and those who have chosen to provide support.

Various sessions to educate volunteers were noted to be taking place in the near future, as Protiviti hopes to become a larger supporter of Upwardly Global moving forward to further change the lives of those in need.

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