Our favorite blog this week!  Rikesh walks us through the life of an Orlando Intern at Protiviti!



Monday Mission:

My mission was to be able to play some kickball for the Orlando office Protiviti team, despite not being able to play for the first 3 matches: the first because I was at the Intern Challenge, the second due to a rainout thanks to Tropical storm Debby (such a Debby Downer!), and the third due to the lights being shut off in the middle of the game (really!?). I finally was able to participate in my first full game in which we came back from 4-1 to tie it with a 3 run inning where one coworker fractured her thumb while running to third #(kick)ballsohard!

Tuesday Tease:

I was meant to be on the bench for the week but was sent to Satellite Beach to help on a client. This was my office desk for the day. Well not really, but I wish it was considering how the beach was teasing me all day being only one mile down the same road the client’s office is on!

(don’t you wish you were here?)

Wetsuit Wednesday:

For lunch, we went to Da Kine Insane Burritos down in Satellite Beach, FL where the credo is “Love. Surf. Eat.” You’d be hard pressed to find a motto that captures the spirit of beachside living better than that! And the entrance certainly screams that too:

And no, it doesn’t look any fancier on the inside…

…See? But it is totally rad.

It is a great place where you can “breathe in the salt air under the shade of a thatched umbrella and tuck into an enormous fresh-tasting burrito to the accompaniment of laid-back island rhythms.” It was not only content to simply introduce the area to the concept of a hand-held burrito, but they decided to one up it with their legendary Insane Burrito: so big you have to hold it as if you were holding a baby!

I admire those who can finish theirs, because I barely made it half way! From their Costa Rican inspired sauces to their Coco de piña dessert (pineapple chunks drizzled with dark chocolate syrup) this place is all about a way of life.

Thursday: My 13 Hour Protivitiful day

This day was full of Protiviti events from 7AM to 8PM, but at least I didn’t have to pay a cent for any meals that day. It began with a 7 A.M. breakfast with my advisor at a small café near the office called Briarpatch. Then for lunch, I met with my mentor and buddy at the lakeside view restaurant below the office. Ironically, we all ended up ordering the exact same lunch – which the waiter appreciated because it made his life a little bit easier. Our bonding moment was definitely splitting a rich triple layer chocolate cake for dessert. Finally, after the work day we had our extremely fun intern event: Go Karts at Orlando Grand Prix, where they go up to 50mph. 4 pizzas, 3 races, 2 hours, only 1 winner!

On your mark, get set, go!

(my advisor Jeff happened to win all 3 times somehow?…)

Freeze Friday:

And what better way to top the week off than with a midday Friday ice cream social in the office kitchen.

Being a Central Florida Protiviti Intern is a way of life, actually, a FABULOUS life.

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