The interns in Chicago have gotten off to a lightning fast start – literally. The first event of the year was a scavenger hunt, where there interns raced around to see what the Windy City had to offer. From the Loop to Wrigley Field, Chicago was littered with interns trying to find streets such as Honorary Mike Ditka Way, a building big enough for its own zip code, and the Man on the Five (Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel, NOT Abraham Lincoln). For many interns, it was their first time really getting a chance to get around Chicago on their own. It was a close race, but Team #1 pulled away with the victory (Jordan Moss, Leo Berrun, Chris DeLillo, and their leader Jana Struewing).

After getting acquainted with the geography, the interns got a chance to interact with the city’s people. The Protiviti office played host to local area high school students with the help of the Umoja Student Development Corporation. Umoja helps students from under-resourced environments gain the knowledge and know-how to achieve goals that may not have seemed possible given the circumstances. The interns talked with the students about the transition to college, explained the interview process, and even reviewed some of the students’ resumes. While some of the questions were more standard, such as “How did you go about choosing your college?”, others put the interns on the spot. One intern was even asked, “If you were a food, which would you be and why?” (Her answer: an egg – they can be prepared in many different ways!) After the hard work was over, the afternoon culminated with an Ice Cream Social. The event was meant to help the high school students, but many of the Protiviti Interns learned a lot about themselves, as well. All in all, it was a mutually rewarding experience that left everyone with a sense of fulfillment.

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