As a New York intern, you’re treated to a wide variety of fun events such as Six Flags, a scavenger hunt around Manhattan, and of course—ice cream and game night. This wasn’t your ordinary ice cream party, though. This party was catered by Cold Stone Creamery (yes, they brought the frozen slabs). The games weren’t normal games either. These were games based around the element of time. Have you have ever seen the game show “Minute to Win-it”? Yes, we made our own game show night at the New York office!  Just like “Minute to Win-It”, the quickest to complete the task wins a prize.
            My favorite game was called “Spitfire.” In this game, there were six empty soda cans lined up at the end of a table. The object of the game was to knock down all the cans using only rubber bands. The fastest time wins.
             In addition to playing games and eating ice cream, most of us interns got a chance to meet consultants and managers from around the office. Many of the consultants were on client engagements so they made a special trip back to the office to meet us!
            As are all of Protiviti’s events, this one was put together seamlessly. Overall, all of us that attended had a fun time and it was a great way to wind down after beginning a hectic first week just a few days prior.

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