A new crop of interns means another Top Golf Event in Dallas! A great time was had by all on a surprisingly pleasant evening in June.   Top Golf is a Dallas office favorite. It isn’t your grandpa’s driving range. Top Golf is a revolutionary sports entertainment complex combining games with great food and an environment you can enjoy year-round with friends and family of all skill levels. Top Golf features computerized micro-chips in every golf ball that track your shots’ accuracy and distance while awarding points for hitting targets ranging from 20 – 250 yards away. If you ever make it to Dallas, come find your inner digital caddy shack at Top Golf. I’m sure you can find a few Protiviti Dallas folks to join you as well! Below are some pictures from the event…

Emily (Intern) with her mentor Jarod (Manager)

Left to Right: Christina (Manager), Gretchen (Intern), Elizabeth (Intern), Soo (Intern)

Left to Right: Chris (Consultant), Todd (Consultant), Renoj (Intern), Loren (Intern), and Jason (Intern)

– Jill 

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