Are you a D – I – S – C? 

Our recruitment team just completed discussing with the Interns the importance of understanding how to be great teammates with people who have diverse personalities. Prior to the Interns traveling to Orlando for the week all are required to complete the DISC survey to personally evaluate their individual traits.

The Interns were next divided up within the training rooms into their strongest profile groups and instructed to design the worlds greatest sandwich. It is always entertaining to watch how individuals with the exact same personality interact with one another.

Here is one rooms examples:

D – Dominance group with their perfect lunch sandwich titled “The Boss.”

 I – Influence group with their compounded dessert sandwich called “The Intern 15.”

 S – Steadiness group created the classic breakfast sandwich called “The Tarantino” specifically named for our CEO.

C – Conscientiousness group worked well with their team to create the “All American Sandwich” which was a collaboration of each team members back grounds.


Do you know how you would rate on the DISC survey?
-Casey Jo

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