Tomorrow, in offices around the country, Protiviti’s 2012 Intern Class will make its debut.  Casey Jo describes this moment as “the calm before the storm,” and to some extent, she’s right.  Especially for our campus recruiters, the world gets a lot crazier when the sun rises on June 14th.
But the more I think about that sentiment, the more I reflect on what interns truly mean to our organization.  To say “calm before the storm” implies that there is, in fact, a calm right now, and anyone in consulting will tell you that things are rarely all that peaceful.  And while our interns will, in fact, storm Protiviti tomorrow, invading our offices and infiltrating our project teams, it is a welcome revolution.
Interns bring out the best in our company.  They remind our people what it was like to experience their jobs for the first time.  They help our campus hires recognize how much they have learned in the time since graduation.  They keep our alumni connected to life on campus.  They encourage our people to let loose in social events and to give back through community service.  They contribute to client relationships, strengthen our sense of community, inject humor and a fresh perspective into what all too often becomes routine.  They keep us far from calm.
And so I say, bring on the storm.
— Bridget

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