I hope you did not find yourself hiding your alarm clock this morning when it went off an hour earlier than expected due to the annual Spring forward on the clock that occurred Saturday night at midnight.  Personally, my internal clock has yet to adjust but I am excited we are in the month of March!  March is by far one of my favorite months because it marks the beginning of Spring, March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, wildflower season and the coveted tradition of Spring Break for many college students. 

At Protiviti we are not necessarily granted a “Spring Break”; however, our employees do start out with 20 days of choice time off that continues to increase with years of experience.  Many of our employees have found themselves celebrating the tradition of having an annual Spring Break, which I was reminded of when I walked the floor this morning and noticed many offices were vacant.

I wish all of you a happy Spring, no matter what you are doing with your time and even if your team did not make it to the tournament this year. Just remember to be safe; however, you choose to celebrate the beginning of Spring!

-Casey Jo

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