With only 6 days until kick-off for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, I figured I would share a photo and a report from our Protiviti flag football team.  While our team does not have a Tom Brady or Eli Manning at the quarterback slot, we do have our own technology offensive specialist Ray.  Randy, might not be our Wes Welker; however, he did have time to provide me with a play-by-play of the second night of victorious play…

Left to Right:  Consultants, Justin and Mike; Senior Consultants, Matt, Ryan, Ray and Luis; Consultant, Randy; Associate Director, Evan and Consultant, Nick

After a win less first week of play, the Protiviti Football Team entered week two determined to win, and they did just that.

Game 1 against Back That Pass Up was an uphill battle as Back That Pass Up took an early 14-0 lead. Speedster Quarterback Ray was able to get Protiviti back in the game with his legs and arm, rushing for several long gains and throwing a couple of touchdown passes to Matt, Luis, and Randy. Mike, quickly learned how to run like a robot to avoid penalties, and Nick “The Bulldozer” also had some critical catches and defensive stops during the game. New comer, Justin had a couple of penalties, but quickly learned from his mistakes and went on to make some critical defensive stops and offensive blocks in the second half. Randy, put away the game with a crucial interception in overtime to give the Protivitites their first ever victory!

With a win under their belts, the Protiviti squad went on to face America’s Team. With a devastating loss to America’s Team in Week 1, Protiviti felt they had something to prove. Early on in the game, team veteran and Associate Director, Evan was able to fly through the offensive line with swan-like moves to not only sack the quarterback, which led to end his participation in the game and any chance of victory for America’s Team. Protiviti quickly took advantage of the injured all-star and jumped to an early 14-0 lead. Again, Ray’s speed was too much for them to handle. Old age began to set in on Matt and Luis as they both pulled muscles, but that wasn’t enough to stop the Touchdown Tandem. The best play of the night came towards the end with Ryan, playing lock down defense, caught his first interception of the season, topping off Protiviti’s second victory of the night.

We did have a few key players miss the victorious night; however, judging by week 1, Franklin will remain an important part of the rush attack and Brad will continue to play his role as defensive specialist. Vijan has proven himself as the “emotional leader” for the team and will surely speak up on our behalf when he feels the refs are not being fair.

Congratulations to an awesome start, let’s keep it going for the rest of the season inorder to make the Flag Football Super Bowl!

-Casey Jo

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