When recent college graduates start working at Protiviti, there is always a carafe of coffee in the orientation room.  However, the majority of the coffee is consumed by various presenters and recruiters who are there.  I have noticed that when most people embark into their first professional career, they might have only consumed a cup of coffee here or there, to help make it through an all-nighter or because their 8:00 am class came earlier than expected. Very few of the new hires are daily coffee drinkers.

Recently, my office was relocated closer to the break room on our floor and I have noticed in the morning it is a high traffic zone.  This got me thinking — How long does it take for a recent college graduate to become a coffee addict?

My college roommates and I did not even own a coffee pot.  Now, I have 3 cups a day: one in the morning while watching the news, one on the way to work, and then one while I am seated at my desk preparing for the day ahead.

Is it me getting older and joining the ranks of grizzled, Corporate America citizens?  Or is life as a recruiter driving me to drink?

Just a cup of Joe!
-Casey Jo

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