One of the best parts of my job is having the opportunity to hire new consultants and watch them become successful at Protiviti. An example of this is the group pictured below who I had the privilege of being with as they started their career at Protiviti this past August. I have touched base with the self named group of new consultants known as the “Wolf Pack” to receive an update on what they’ve learned over the past five months.

San Francisco Consultant, Joe; Dallas Consultant, Nick; Seattle Consultant, Quinn; Houston Consultant, Justin;
and Dallas Consultant, Chase

Meet the Wolf Pack:

San Francisco Consultant, Joe graduated from the University of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in June and is working in our Technology practice. Joe decided to join Protiviti after interning with our organization during the summer of 2010. In Joe’s own words here is the true reason why he decided to join Protiviti “I asked this same question to all the companies I interviewed with when I was an intern candidate, ‘Why do you enjoy your job?’ All of the Protiviti employees had the same answer, ‘the people’. I didn’t understand what they meant at the time, but after my internship and my first few months as a full-time employee, I can see exactly what they mean. Work is work; however, working alongside your friends and having a lot of laughs along the way makes all the difference in the world. The people I work with have become some of my close friends and even my roommates in San Francisco.” The best part about accepting his offer after his internship was, “Heading into my senior year of college with a job offer in hand. I got to spend every day of my last year of college living life to the fullest. No worries, no concerns (minus the midterms here and there). I knew my future was secure at a place I wanted to be and a place that wanted me to be there.”


Here is what Joe has learned since becoming a full-time employee at Protiviti:
• If you see room for improvement, speak up! Our job is to add value to the client.
• Proof read
• It’s okay to make mistakes. I’ve made my share of them my first few months on the job, but I’ve learned from each one. It’s all part of the learning process.


Dallas Consultant, Nick graduated from Baylor University in May and then joined our Technology group as a full-time consultant. Nick decided to start his career at Protiviti because of the challenge he foresaw in the career within our organization. When I had a chance to catch up with Nick again about what he has learned post college, he shared the following:
• Be prepared to spend some time sorting through paperwork on a new project, and figuring out where to start.
• If you come out of college thinking you “are not a coffee drinker” ; well in fact you are, you just do not know it yet.

Seattle Consultant, Quinn joined Protiviti as a Process consultant after graduating from Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. Quinn decided to accept his offer at Protiviti because after his second round of interviews, he realized he enjoyed the company of the people at Protiviti, and it was a place where he could see himself working. Quinn said it was evident that Protiviti invests heavily into their employees and places an emphasis on training.


When asked what he has learned since embarking upon his career at Protiviti, Quinn shared the following:
• Take part in out-of-office activities and events scheduled by the operations personnel because you will be able to know the people you work with on a personal level.
• Learn to listen, be patient, think before you speak, and respect others.
• You might have had to pay for coffee in college; however, that does not mean you need 9 cups of coffee a day when it’s free at the office.
• Only you can take control of your career. No one will remind you to be more professional, punctual, or efficient.


Houston Consultant, Justin graduated from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin in May and has started his career as a Technology Consultant. Justin was interested in a career in consulting due to the unique challenges the job presents because no client or engagement can be approached in the exact same manor. When asked why he decided to join Protiviti, Justin spoke to the ownership you have in your own career at Protiviti.

Over the past few months Justin has learned a few valuable lessons he wanted to share with the future of our organization:
• You cannot have a conversation with a fellow Protiviti employee without abbreviating something.
• Lock your computer when you step away from your desk.
• Casey Jo has taught me that Houston is the “Energy Capital of the World”


Dallas Consultant, Chase joined Protiviti has a full-time Process consultant after graduating from Texas A&M University Mays College of Business. When Chase was asked why he decided to join Protiviti he told me, “I decided to join Protiviti due to the NBA Lockout because prior to the lockout I was in negotiations with my favorite team on the high demand for a 5’6 power forward, but as of now my future NBA career is on hold. I decided on Protiviti due to the ability to have constant learning, feedback, and career development; which were important to me when choosing a career. Protiviti builds leaders, which is evident by those at the Management level. After interning with Protiviti, I knew that this was the place I wanted to start my career. Everyone you encounter and work with is not only competent, but extremely intelligent. Working in a team environment not only builds you up as a business person, it also helps you develop relationships and friendships. This is why I couldn’t think of a better place to work!”

When Chase was asked to share what he has learned over the past few months now that he has started his career, he said:
• Protiviti intramurals are not for the faint of heart. In consulting we like to win!
• Always, Always, Always be over prepared for a meeting, because the client will ask your opinion.
• Every single person at Protiviti wants to eat at 11:30am “to beat the crowd”; however, every other company in America also wants “to beat the crowd.”


You heard it straight from the consultants; and trust me, no we do not have a uniform of blue button-up shirts and khaki pants here at Protiviti.

The Wolf Pack is just THAT close!

-Casey Jo


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