As recruiters, we talk a lot about a concept known as “work-life balance”… I heard recently that a better name is “life balance” to reinforce the appropriate idea.  Here at Protiviti, a managing director whom I greatly admire points out that life balance should be measured in the long-term sense of an entire career, rather than a 9 to 5 workday.   There are times in your life where priorities shift more to professional responsibilities, and then there are times when those priorities shift back to personal commitments.  It is a constant flux, and therefore it is a constant challenge to achieve a true and empowering balance.

One of the ways that life balance is best achieved is through community involvement and the effort to give back.  I am always blown away by the dedication that our campus recruits have to social and civic causes, and I assure you that this can and should remain a part of your life as you move into your post-college life.  Below are Caroline and James, two recent campus hires who participated in a donut day to help raise money for our CommUnity Scholarship Fund…

Thank you for the donuts, guys, and thanks also for proving my point.


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