Each office at Protiviti hosts unique events that ensure our staff enjoys their daily lives.  One event that started this year in Houston has to do with the all-important Fantasy Football.  I am not going to bore you with the details of how Fantasy Football works, because I am by no means an expert and would probably speak unintelligently about the rules of the game.  I am extremely excited that my team is dominating, even when I forget to reset some of my players on the roster when they are on bye weeks. 

What I do want to share with you is how our office has started a great game of capture the flag. You will see below that the Houston league commissioner, senior consultant Vijan, did have his cube decorated like the image below:

Please take note of the flag posted in his cubicle that reads “2011 Fantasy Football Champion”; in my personal opinion, I feel this is a premature posting, especially since his team has yet to be matched up against mine. (On a side note, he would like for you to see his favorite NFL team’s Tervis Tumbler).

Since my team is matching up against Vijan’s this weekend, I decided I should take it upon myself to capture the flag.  (No worries, my favorite team is not the same as Vijan’s; therefore, I let him keep his tumbler).

Notice the flag here, in my office:

I captured the flag on Tuesday and it has yet to disappear from my office.  Perhaps everyone is finally realizing that this campus recruiter knows her NFL football and will probably be the rightful owner of the flag at the end of the season; therefore, there is no reason to continue to capture it.
Have a great weekend!
-Casey Jo

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