The life of a campus recruiter never lacks excitement! On Tuesday, September 6th Dallas Recruiter, Jill and myself were driving on Interstate 35 headed to Austin for various recruiting events at the University of Texas at Austin.  Jill picked me up in Uptown Dallas at about 8am and informed me, we would be working a thirteen hour work day to help Protiviti find the top talent on-campus.  We decided our first stop would be in Waco, Texas to allow us to start our journey down the road; but not too far to go without coffee. 

Right as we passed through Hilsboro, Texas, and about 30 minutes down the road we heard a big noise and then saw our right, front tire speed off away from our car. Jill and I safely made our way to the shoulder of Interstate 35, as we watched the tire roll away from the car.

The tire, further down the road than the car.
As we were able to get out of the car and began to call for help because changing a tire in business casual was not going to be an easy task.  A nice Texan stopped on the access road to see if he could be of service.  Jill and I were relieved for this man’s generosity.

Texan changing our tire
Only 10 minutes after the  initial accident, Jill and I found that our we were ready to go forward on our journey to Austin. The Texan said farewell and asked us to drive safely for the rest of the journey, but assured us we would be able to make the rest of the trip on our spare if we did not go over a suggested speed of 55 mph.  Jill and I became an excited pair of campus recruiters and this nice gentleman almost secured a job in consulting!
The spare is secured.
Jill and I had left Dallas in plenty of time to still arrive in Austin on time for our first event!  If you are wondering, we did go ahead and stop for coffee in Waco, because even after a jilt of excitement, we needed our coffee.
You never know when you could help your chances for a job, just by changing a tire!
-Casey Jo 

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