Currently, I have been provided the opportunity to sit in on our Consultant Challenge program.  Here at the Challenge our new consultants are being trained and led in the classroom of the future.  Four of our organizations top management employees from across the Globe are teaching through a project simulation environment.  The consultants arrived from Australia, Cincinnati, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston unsure of what to expect here at the Challenge. 

Monday morning these individuals found themselves meeting with a Managing Director, and embarking upon a learning experience of a life time.  Training and development of our employees is an extremely important part of our business at Protiviti because these young brains will be aiding to increase profitability of many Fortune 500 companies.  Each person that joins Protiviti attends training equivalent of their level within our firm.

Interested in joining Protiviti… are you up to the Challenge?
-Casey Jo

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