Friday marked the official last day of our Summer 2011 Intern Program.  A few interns across the nation are still working for Protiviti; however, the majority have started moving back to their college town and changing from business casual attire back into their casual college t-shirt attire.  The past eight weeks have flown by extremely fast for those of us here still at Protiviti, and we do have a few key memories we would like for our former interns to take with them.

ACCESS TO THE TOP:  remember how you had the opportunity to meet our entire Executive Team and the majority of the Advisory Board.

CHALLENGING WORK:  remember how you were provided the opportunity to work on various client projects over the summer.

BEST PEOPLE:  remember the bright individuals you were able to call your coworkers over the summer and for many of you once again in the new future.

MENTORING:  remember the buddies, mentors and advisors you were assigned to assisted in guiding your career over the summer.

FUN:  remember the office wide events, The Intern Challenge, baseball game outings or getting to know new people in a new city.

FOOD:  I mean, I could not do an applicable recap of the summer if I did not remind you about the great food you had throughout the entire summer!!!!

We already miss you Summer 2011 Intern Class!!

-Casey Jo

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