One exciting part of starting a career at Protiviti is the potential of relocating to a new city or even a new state!

When I started my career at Protiviti I had only been in the city of Houston for a little less than a year and by taking the job at Protiviti I was given the opportunity to connect with many people who have similar interest as myself.  Joining Protiviti helped me to not only expand my network professionally, but also on a personal level.  Looking back at the four years I have spent at Protiviti I have learned many important life lessons not only to aid in my career development, but also in how to adapt to a new environment from a personal stand point.

Recently, in Houston we have had a returning intern from the Summer of 2010 rejoin our organization as a full-time employee.  Zach graduated from Louisiana State University in December of 2010 and started with Protiviti in April of this year.  Throughout the recruitment process, I discussed relocation to a new state with Zach.  Zach was very excited about the opportunity about coming to Texas.  One Friday this summer, Zach stopped by my office to show me his new purchase of his first pair of cowboy boots!

As a recruiter, I was pleased to see that Zach was enjoying his new state and was even embracing the typical attire of a true Texan. This week, I again was met with a pleasant surprise by Zach showing me that he is now a proud card carrier of an official Texas Drivers Licenses.

All-in-all, I feel Zach would tell you he misses his home state of Louisiana due to his family, friends and of course the Cajun cooking that the southern part of his home state is famous for making; however, I am excited Zach is fully embracing his new life as a Texan and doing so with his new Protiviti co-workers.
Welcome to Texas Zach!  And we will know you are true Texan when you start speaking with a deep southern draw and decide to ride in your first rodeo!
-Casey Jo

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