Interns, Buddies & baseball fans alike from the Atlanta office spent Friday night rooting for the Braves as they dominated the Washington Nationals 11-1 for their 10,000th all-time win!

For some of our Interns, this was their first experience at Turner Field so we (Brittany and I) made sure to make it a special occasion complete with cold drinks, a trip to the top of the Chop, and ball park dogs of course.

Brittany starting the tailgate a little bit early…

 Atlanta Interns with their Recruiters! (Jordan, Will, Brittany, Brennan, Ross & Stewart)

Will and Jordan playing cornhole. 

  Stewart and Connor tossing for the win!

The whole crew. 
 Turner Field–Home of the Braves!

 And lastly, I would like to leave you with a few words from Stewart, one of our Interns who is a Florida native and has never been to a Braves game before:

“Some of the regulars showed us newbies the sights and sounds of Turner Field. We got pizza, BBQ, & hot dogs, found our seats, and even found time to watch the game for a little bit. After a brutal beatdown of the Nationals to the tune of 11-1, the night was capped off by a pretty incredible fireworks show. I had pretty high expectations, but this trumped ALL of them. I can’t reiterate how great of a time I had. The only downside of the night was that it had to end. There is only one question left unanswered… When is the next one?”


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