Houston and our interns had the opportunity to cheer on our beloved Houston Astros this week as they were attempting to win back the Silver Boot from the “other” MLB team in our great state of Texas.  We attended the second game of the series and the Rangers had won the night before, leaving this game to be our chance to tie the series!

We sat in our beloved mezzanine section that houses the Houston summer game participants each season.  The stats show that the Rangers having a better talent pull than the Astros this year which was proven by Senior Consultant, Joe’s comment, “There is a reason why I know more starters in the Rangers line-up this season than my hometown team.”  The Houston office and Interns were HIGHLY optimistic. 

Consultant, Kyle and Intern, Nick

The Astros were down 3-0 heading into the 7th inning which Carols Lee then helped to what the spectators hopes was to put a rally into motion by hitting his sixth home run of the season, to cut the Ranger’s lead to 3-1. Lee was followed by Matt Downs who nailed a double into the left-field corner. Downs was soon brought home by Clint Barmes who dropped a single into right field to score Downs and get the Astros within one.

The final ended up being 3-2, and the greatest hit this year was the ice cream!

Consultant, Bjorn; Senior, Matt; Intern, Jonathan; and Consultant, Randy

The Astros did end up winning the final game in the series, but this left Houston empty handed of the Silver Boot this year again.  Better luck next year!

-Casey Jo

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