Last night at Disney Fort Wilderness we competed to see who was the Sultan of Sauce for 2011.  The battle was tough and the sauces were amazing; however, “The Most Interesting Salsa in the World” ended up on top.
The assignment was to recreate your assigned sauce by choosing the appropriate ingredients based strictly on taste.  Each team chopped, heated, mashed and stirred with multiple taste in between.  The winning team attributes their chopping skills to Houston Technology Intern, Bailey.  While part of the team was cooking the other part of the group was busy strategizing to create a five minute marketing presentation that would be shown to the entire group before judging took place.  The Sultan’s of Sauce for 2011 would like to thank Phoenix Process Intern, Kirk for his idea for the winning commercial.
I am pleased to inform you all that my team took home the prize this year and I plan on wearing my medal proudly!
-Casey Jo

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