Today closed out the 2011 NACE Conference in Dallas, which I was fortunate to attend, and guess what! Students of America, the news is good. The conference encompassed days of workshops, dialogue, and presentations on topics ranging from best practices for career services to diversity to social media and, of course, the ever-present challenge of effective campus recruiting. Leaders within career services functions at large universities and small colleges partnered with recruiting and HR professionals from a variety of employers to address common goals, values, and concerns.

So here’s the good news, kids: You have an overwhelming amount of people in your corner. The tone of our conversations was not about quick fixes, band-aid responses, or maintaining the status quo, and it definitely was not centered around making our jobs easier. Instead, our discussion focused on one thing: you. How can we make the recruiting and employment experiences more rewarding for you? How can career services help you find the best paths on which to start your careers? How can we, the employers, enable you to better access us, learn about opportunities, and add value in our organizations as young professionals?

I’m pretty sure no one left with the magic answers to these and other questions. I’m even more confident that there IS no magic answer that works for one and all. But the sharing of knowledge, the debate and analysis has at least one participant walking away with a Protiviti padfolio full of ideas – that, as well as a certainty that we’ve got your back.

– Bridget

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