First off, I owe an apology for the neglect that I have shown our blog in the last few weeks.  As many of you will understand, I have been caught up in the beautiful chaos that is the campus recruiting season.  The good news is that my time has been spent offline and “out of pocket”, to use a favorite phrase of corporate life, meeting and talking with amazing students across our core schools.
As we go through the recruiting process on campus, I am reminded yet of the unmatched power of the real social network.  I have talked with childhood friends, neighbors, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, coworkers, classmates, and teammates of people who have recently started at Protiviti.  My favorite response to the question “How did you hear about us?” will always be “I know someone who works there.” 
Students of America, your best resource for finding a job remains each other.  As you consider your options for an internship or for employment after graduation, continue to rely on friends and colleagues, to learn about their personal experiences in different organizations, and to determine if their career paths fit the vision that you have for your own professional future.
– Bridget

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