I recently accompanied a few proud alumni on a recruiting trip to a core school in the heartland of southern Indiana. After attending an evening reception at the university, we made a stop at a favorite local establishment, famous for its live music every night of the week. It was Battle of the Bands night and we enjoyed some of the competition before retiring to our hotel to prepare for mock interviews the following day.

The next morning, we were a shadow of our former rocker selves, arriving for the mock interview event in business professional, armed with business cards and portfolios. We spent the day asking equally professional students to tell us about a time when they had to overcome a challenge or communicate a difficult message, or when they set a goal and achieved it, and other such items that highlighted their skills in a business environment. We answered their questions as well – questions about career progression and training, about certifications, about client engagements and work-life balance…

“Work-life balance.” Like when the sleeve of an interviewer’s suit jacket inches up ever so slightly to reveal the guitar that was stamped on his arm during admission to Battle of the Bands the night before. Campus recruiting is a redeeming job for so many reasons, but moments like that are a particular favorite of mine. Even in the buttoned up world of Corporate America, our consultants find a way to rock on.

– Bridget

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