It’s that time of year again. The time of year to pack up shop and traverse the highways and byways of the Midwest, hitting every favorite college town along the way. As I kick off another fall campus recruiting season, I take time to acknowledge two constant companions for the next few months.
The first is Allison.

Allison is the better half of Protiviti’s campus recruiting team in the Central region and takes to the road with me as we visit our core schools. Today you’ll find her in Bloomington, Indiana. Next week? Who knows. It could be anywhere from South Bend, Indiana to Columbia, Missouri.

The second is corn.

Corn is everywhere I look when I gaze out the car window at this time of year, whether it’s I-65 or I-57 or I-90. The landscape of fall is another reminder of the change in season.

Here’s to the start of another school year and to the next crop of consultants that we will soon be meeting!

– Bridget

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