Intern Joe Murrell shows us where his loyalty lies

And the Giants did win – actually they swept the series against the LA Dodgers. The Bay Area office was invited to the game on Friday for a evening filled with good food, fun company and cold SF summer weather. . . . .

Kat Kennifer, Katie Brown, Clint Maples, Alex Goldberg & Spencer Starley are ready for the game!
Kat Kennifer, Meghan Hargreaves, Eugenia & Keith Kawashima, Nicole Miller basking in the SF fog
Ken Morretino, Nate Fong, Tyler Johns, Ashley Del Pozzo and Tony Chigazola are excited for a win!
Interns Kristyne Wada, Serene Lau and Dana Hansen along with Sylvia Auyeung, Gavin Yates and “RG”
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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