Last night the Houston Interns, Buddies and Mentors decided to take part in the downtown trivia challenge at the Flying Saucer.  The group felt the odds were in their favor due to the diverse crowd that was in attendance for our team.  Many people felt they would be able to attribute with current event information, others are pop-culture followers and a few team members even seem to know the various questions that could be asked about science.

Needless to say the group ended up placing thirdout of approximately thirty teams in attendance.  Way to go guys!
Below are a few of the questions that the team had to answer in order to win, take a guess and then view the comments section of this post to see the correct answers. 

Pop Culture:  What song is currently number one on the Billboard top 100?
Greek Mythology:  In Greek Mythology Arges, Brontes, and Steropes are what?
History:  What were the original names of the 3 Musketeers?
Sports:  What number was Roger Bannister wearing when he broke the four minutes mile record in 1954?

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