Yesterday on college t-shirt day we realized there was an overwhelming amount of Texas A&M University Alumni and current students present at Intern school.  While during introductions on the first day the “Whoop” was officially introduced to the entire Intern Challenge, we are attempting to convert everyone to be Aggie fans.
Left to right: 
Casey Jo Robertson ’06, Houston Recruiting & HR Specialist
Jill Engelthaler ’06, Dallas Recruiting Specialist
Franklin Zhang ’09 Houston Intern PPA-Finance track
Elaine Poucher ’97 National Recruiting Director
Tyler Chase ’97 Houston Technology Director
Chase Johnson ’10 Houston Intern Finance major
Lauren Liang ’10 Dallas Intern MIS major
Adria Meador ’09 Houston Intern PPA-MIS track
Megan Jungman ’09 Dallas Intern PPA-Audit track

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