iGROWW is a group created for the growth and retention of women in the workplace in the Atlanta office. Each quarter the women in the office get together outside of work to see a show, listen to special speakers, demonstrate our culinary abilities through potlucks, etc.

Although in Atlanta we’ve had an unusually cold winter (a la Alaska), last Saturday showed some signs of beautiful, sunny weather. Until Mother Nature makes up her mind, the iGROWW group decided to declare Spring ourselves by painting some retro flowers over the weekend! There’s an art space in town that guides you through a painting process while you relax with friends and sip on your favorite beverage of choice. It’s a great concept, really. We initially made bets as to whose painting would turn out most like the model painting…I won’t show you the model painting but in looking at the picture below, I think you can see that all of our paintings are a little different! It was entertaining to see who liked to follow the instructor’s rules and who decided to make up their own. Some of the women strategically sat in an area so that no one else could see their work. I may or may not have accidentally bumped into my neighbors while intently focusing on my piece (I didn’t say it was a large art space). I always thought that art was a form of self expression and that there is no right or wrong way to do it as long as I was pleased with the outcome. Somehow the photo was kind to me; let’s just say I’m glad my painting skills won’t be assessed in a performance eval!

– JoLee

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