Dear Campus Recruits of America,

Some day, you will have this experience… Sitting across from a candidate in an interview room, you will learn something of interest about the candidate that draws an association.

For example, you will learn that the candidate is on track to graduate early.

You will then make a comment similar to the following: “Oh, so you are kind of like Doogie Howser.”

This will be followed by a polite stare of incomprehension and the aftermath of feeling older than you ever have before.

I have made this mistake more times than I care to admit over the course of this past recruiting season. Each time, I reeled from the shocking disconnect between my proximity to college life and my distance from experiencing it. Therefore, in addition to the enjoy-it-while-you-can sentiment that I have expressed in previous blogs, I would also like to offer up a suggestion. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, be as kind as my candidates were in letting me know that they had no idea what I was referencing, keeping in mind that you will eventually find yourself in my pitiful shoes.


P.S. Assuming that many of you are already scratching your heads and pulling up Google, I will help you out: Neil Patrick Harris at his finest.

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