This may seem late to some, but I consider it right on time, as it is the first day back to work here in Corporate America. To acknowledge the fresh start that all of us can enjoy so early on in a new year, I asked several Protiviti professionals about their resolutions for 2010.

Many have goals of the sporting variety, like Samantha and Vijan (both Consultants), who plan to train for a marathon, or Glenn (Consultant), who joined a gym “to help keep the ‘Protiviti 15’ away.” Others, like Mike (Associate Director), plan to give more through volunteer work. Still more resolutions hinted at other changes, such as Nicole (Manager), who will “never return from a vacation without having my next one planned,” or Jennie (Manager), who vows to forgive and say “I’m sorry” more often. In a response that made my bookworm heart sing, Joe (Senior Consultant) resolves to read two novels “for fun” each month.

But my favorite response came from Sharon Lindstrom, a Managing Director here in Chicago. “I have to admit that I don’t have ‘resolutions’ per se,” Sharon explains, “but I like to come up with a theme every year – something very short and easy to remember.” The theme drives her actions and keeps her on task. A recent example is the theme of “Stretch,” which enabled her to strive for more successes, both personally and professionally.

What would your theme be? If I were to establish my own theme for 2010, it might be something like “Take.” This sounds more selfish than I would like, because I do mean “Take” in the most positive of ways… to take advantage of opportunities to try new things, to take more time to appreciate the moment, to take lessons away from mistakes or disappointments. And maybe also to take each day for what it is – a chance to do more and do better. Happy new year to all!

– Bridget

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