You knew I couldn’t resist another holiday movie reference…

Top Five Ways That Consulting Is Like the Movie “Elf”

5) Between room service, networking lunches, airplane food, and snack breaks, we have sampled all sorts of culinary delights, which may or may not include spaghetti and maple syrup.

4) Many of us turned to consulting when our elfin aspirations were crushed due to poor toy-making abilities.

3) Like Buddy, we accept the challenge of an unknown environment and find ways to make it better.

2) We too wear a sort of uniform to work… That being said, our uniform is business casual, not an elf suit.

1) After many moments spent dashing through traffic as we head across town for the next client meeting, we can confirm that the yellow ones do not stop.

And, just because it’s Christmas, I’ll add a bonus reason that is definitely true of our campus recruiting team:

We like smiling. Smiling’s our favorite.

Happy Holidays from the Protiviti Campus Recruiters!
– Bridget

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