I have talked before about the whirlwind life of Chelo Gonzalez. Protiviti’s favorite Manager of Training Facilitation and Delivery always keeps us guessing on her whereabouts as she travels the world, teaching our consulting methodology to the masses. So where was Chelo this past weekend? Per Facebook, she was at Costco, and like most people’s trips to Costco, she didn’t stick to her shopping list. She went in for milk and came out with milk – and also a brand new suitcase.

Believe it or not, Chelo’s trip to Costco provides me with an opportunity to make a point about your job search. In this competitive market, it can be difficult to manage wants and needs. In a perfect world, what are the things that define the job of your dreams? On the other hand, what are the things that you absolutely need from an employer, even in an economic downturn or in a struggling industry? It is a challenge to keep expectations in check while also staying true to your biggest ambitions.

Chelo’s impulse buy will pay off in time, as a suitcase is an ideal accessory for our road warrior. As you shop around for an internship or entry-level job, keep a balanced focus on the basic things that keep you going and the special qualities that enable your success.

– Bridget

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