Now that my fingers have thawed enough to type, I would just like to say that it is two degrees here in Chicago. That’s right. Two. But don’t worry. With the wind chill it feels like negative twenty. So, we’ve got that going for us.

In weather such as this, I like to think about traveling. Our consultants travel the globe, delivering quality service wherever our clients may be located. In our job descriptions, we allude to this by saying that our positions require “travel to client sites”. This statement is necessarily vague because, like so many other things about life as a consultant, travel “all depends.”

To help clarify the question of travel, I asked some of our professionals to describe their experiences at Protiviti.

“Within my first four months, I spent three weeks in Salt Lake City, two weeks in Jackson Hole, and two weeks in New York City.”
– Allison, a Consultant in San Francisco:

“From London and Amsterdam, to Shanghai and Singapore, I have done a lot of international travel.”
– Eric, a Senior Manager in Phoenix

“I have been lucky to have some clients in big cities around the country, but I have also found that I have just as much fun traveling to small towns.”
– Beth, a Senior Consultant in Chicago

“During my first two years with the firm, I expressed an interest in travel, and I traveled about 75% of the time. In my third year, I said I would like to stay local, if possible, and I have hardly traveled.”
– Sarah, a Senior Consultant in Seattle

“My current client is local, so the only traveling I did last year was a trip to Philadelphia for training.”
– Cheryl, a Senior Consultant in Atlanta

And now for the response that triggered the most raging jealousy from me on this cold winter morning…

“I’m fortunate to work on a client that sends me to exciting places like Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Orlando. Occasionally, I have to stay over a weekend, so my husband takes the opportunity to visit and explore with me.”
– Taylor, a Senior Consultant in Los Angeles

No need to show off, Taylor…

Stay warm!
— Bridget

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