Something fun to start out the week… Margaret, Melissa, and Kaitlin shared an apartment in Chicago during their summer internship.  While I would optimistically say that this is not a typical housing experience for a Protiviti intern, it does provide the content for an entertaining Top Ten.

You Know It’s an Intern’s Apartment When…

10) All the furniture is inflatable.
9) The inflatable furniture was won at Dave and Busters during Intern School.
8) Only half the stove works.
7) There is an entire room we don’t know what to do with.
6) We didn’t get any mail for 5 weeks because we forgot to put our name on the mailbox.
5) Someone walked through the screen of the back door.
4) The dishwasher makes our dishes even dirtier.
3) We blew a fuse with just a blow dryer plugged in.
2) The closest laundromat is a mile and a half away…And we don’t have a car.
1) By “central air” we mean there is an air-conditioning unit spitting warm air at us in the center of our apartment.

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