Katherine, Notre Dame 2008 Intern who rejoined the firm as a Consultant in September 2009

Justin, Cal Poly 2008 Intern who rejoined the firm as a Consultant in September 2009

We asked questions anywhere from the quirky to the serious…enjoy!

If you had to choose an animal to describe your personality, what would you be?
Justin: Honey Badger – They are fierce and vicious, yet smart and crafty.
Katherine: Chipmunk – They are fast and always appear to be scurrying around in an attempt to get something accomplished.

Favorite quote?
Justin: “We’re consultants, we fight through it” – Anonymous Consultant
Katherine: “Where you live should not decide whether you live or whether you die” – U2

Favorite actor(s) and/or actress(es)?
Justin: Willem Dafoe and Sean Patrick Flanery as the McManess Brothers from Boondock Saints
Katherine: Will Smith and Julia Roberts

Why did you choose Protiviti?
Justin: It intrigues me that Protiviti is a newer, mid-sized company. I feel really comfortable at Protiviti and I have confidence that I could take my career a long way here.
Katherine: I chose Protiviti because of the firm’s dedication to investment in its employees and the care exhibited by Protiviti for the well being of those who work around me.

What’s your reason for choosing Process (Accounting or Finance) or Technology (MIS or Computer Science)?
Justin: I have always been big with computers and computer programming, which has naturally led me down the path of Technology.
Katherine: I enjoy the human interaction side of internal auditing, and I have never been big on dealing with the often uncooperative computer application.

What is the most fun you have had while interning at Protiviti?
Justin: The duck tour on the Bay with the office. I couldn’t stop blowing that silly little whistle.
Katherine: Taking trips to IceBee yogurt during the International Conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

What is the most enlightening experience you have had as an intern at Protiviti?
Justin: Intern school week was the most enlightening part for me. I feel like it adequately prepared me for what was to come and what I have been working on throughout my internship thus far.
Katherine: One of the first meetings that I had the opportunity to attend happened to be in the presence of various client attorneys and other consulting firms. This was basically toward the very end of the project, so it gave me the chance to see how an assignment all comes together.

Who’s job do you wish you had at Protiviti, and why?
Justin: Elaine’s job because I think that recruiting is fun. I have always wondered how she is so happy all of the time.
Katherine: Keith’s job (Managing Director) because it seems like he is constantly traveling to client sites. I love to travel in general, but Keith has had the opportunity to work in many Spanish speaking countries as well, which I would also love to do one day.

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