It is often said that your four years at college are the best years of your life; if you believe that, it is all downhill from here. Luckily, we at Protiviti believe that stepping into the working world certainly has its advantages over the classroom. We would like to let you in on our little secret, so below we’ve listed our top five reasons why working is better than college.

5 –  Yes, we may work late on occasion, but never through the night.

4 – In college, you often have to make up for that “slacker” in the group, but here we are all responsible for the work we do and are working to achieve a common goal.

3 –  In the working world, you don’t have to schedule vacations around holidays. Go crazy…travel Wednesday to Wednesday!

2 – At Protiviti, you’ll have the opportunity to travel for training and client engagements. Take advantage of these opportunities; explore new cities, visit old friends, and rack up hotel and airline points!

1 – Use the money to pay off student loans, or splurge on a few things you couldn’t afford as a student. Go ahead and pamper yourself with your first paycheck, but don’t forget to start saving with the next one.

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